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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Video Game Review: The Sopranos - Road to Respect

I just finished The Sopranos - Road to Respect in a record 2 days. I played a total of 2 evenings and even wasted some time playing poker with the boys. I figured between the adult content (rated M for Mature), nudity, and constant F-word, this game would bring about an adult challenge but man was I wrong. It's just an immature poke at gaming so 16-year-old boys can point at private parts and laugh, say the foul lines, and think it's funny, and horrify their parents.

Going in to the last level or so I had over $70,000.00 but I was looking to buy some weapons or something. Instead, you could buy video clips of the TV series that get unlocked. I never bought any video clips and in the end when you beat the game the video clips unlock automatically. I still haven't a clue as to why I spent the time to earn money in the game.

There really is no skill involved with this game. It's mostly the mashing of buttons and there's no real puzzles to solve. I was really let down in the end when Joey becomes a made man. For a minute, I was excited because I thought I could finally spend the money I earned and go on to fight better bad guys, get bigger weapons, and solve some harder puzzles.

The Way I See It - The Sopranos - Road to Respect, is really just the Road to Retarded. If you want a better game, try The Godfather.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Spammers During the Holidays and Any Other Day

Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year's Day, Easter, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Halloween, and even today on Columbus Day. The spammers never stop and even on the weekends the phishing schemes and spam e-mails pick up. We can all do our part to stop this nonsense so here's some things you can do.

Don't respond to the e-mail. Don't even opt-out of the e-mail. Don't click on anything in the e-mail. This lets the other party know that they have reached a valid e-mail address. Ignore it for a few days and it may just go away and the e-mails may stop.

If you're lucky, you can read the full header in the e-mail and trace the i.p. address back to the spammer.

Get the i.p. address from the header in the e-mail and do a WHOIS search (found on the internet) and find out what network the spammer is using.

FORWARD (don't REPLY) the e-mail in question to the abuse@ e-mail address provided in the WHOIS registry. That e-mail address is the network admin people who run the network that the spammer is using.

In most cases if the spammer is really abusing the service with spam, the network admin will stop them for you. If you kill off the spammers network connection and the ability to send e-mails, then the spam e-mails will stop for not only you but EVERYONE they send junk to.

I did a few today and forwarded them to abuse@ and for the moment, the spam has stopped.

I really wasn't interested in refinancing a home, enlarging my manhood, or verifying my financial institution today. Maybe I'm just in a bad mood.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Why Blogging is a Joke

The idea of Blogging seems really stupid. Seriously, why would you make sort of an open-faced diary of your thoughts and feelings for all to view?

I reflect on the days of times past when people who hand-wrote a diary and then placed the private book in the top drawer of their bedroom dresser for safekeeping.
Don't believe me? Watch an older movie or something and you'll see a woman doing this very act. The idea of showing you blog to the world goes against all rational logic.

These people that will eventually find your blog will be the millions of internet surfers, perhaps family and friends, and yes even the evil scum that commit internet fraud, crime, and prey on online users for one reason or another.

Why Blog then? To make you feel important? Perhaps, because you think that people actually care what you think, feel, or blog? I suppose that it could be fun......

Nah. We just wanted to get this article indexed in some directory or search engine. Then create some revenue of off the advertising (like AdSense) You just happened to click a link or bookmark to get to this post. Thanks for reading and your participation.

Some people get emotionally charged up when they read this post and the title I selected. Well, that WAS the point. It got your attention and now you are here reading this and some people actually agree with me while others think I'm being critical about what they do.

Ask yourself why you read blogs and also ask yourself why you publish a blog.

Think about it.

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Friday, October 5, 2007

McDonald's Premium Iced Coffee

This morning, I decided to go through a Mcdonald's drive-thru and purchase a McDonald's Premium Iced Coffee. For those of you who don't know, this coffee literally is a caffeine rush and because of the size, it feels like it cleans you out. I don't see how any hangover from the night before can stand a chance after downing one of these drinks.

As I pull onto the highway I grabbed the coffee from my cup holder and put it between my legs so I could jam a straw through the center of it and could kiss my state of morning grogginess goodbye. But then in a moment something happened..... the center straw hole was jammed. I mean, not punctured or cut right so I could get the straw in the hole. It was one of those sturdy clear plastic cups, not a cheap one.

Sure I could have taken the lid off, but I had a vision of hitting the gas and feeling a nice icey cold sensation to my midsection and private area so that was not a good option. So I put the lid back on. I was determined to get this straw in my cup, but it just would not go in the hole. No matter how hard I tried to jam the straw in......

To my dismay, I had to drive through 2 or 3 lights to catch a red light in order to look down at the coffee between my legs and figure out with the problem was. At one point a minivan beeped at me but I realized that that woman wasn't paying attention because she was on her cell phone.

In the end, I won this battle and still started the day off right.

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